Darla Torrez, CPM

My midwifery training was gained from both apprenticeship and formal schooling. I began studying midwifery and other aspects of alternative health care following the homebirth of my third child in 1986, and attending births as an assistant in 1991 after the homebirth of my fourth child.

I received my academic education and intensive clinical training in 1997, at Maternidad La Luz, a high — volume birth center and nationally accredited direct — entry midwifery school located in El Paso, TX.

In 2004, I was fully licensed by the State of Montana’s Board Of Alternative Health Care, which oversees both Licensed Midwives and Naturopathic Physicians.

I am a graduate of the University Of Montana, with a degree in Anthropology and Women’s Studies.

In addition to midwifery, I practice clinical herbalism, offering private consultations, custom herbal blends, and specialty medicinal teas, tinctures, syrups, and salves for the entire family.