Services Provided

Prenatal Care

Regular, personalized prenatal care is the key to a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery. At Tierra Madre Midwifery, prenatal visits are about an hour long, and include information and counseling about nutrition, exercise, preparing for childbirth and parenthood, babies and breastfeeding, or anything else you may want to talk about.

Clients and their families have plenty of time to ask questions, share concerns, and discuss any recommended tests or procedures, so you can make informed choices every step of the way. I provide lots of handouts, and clients are encouraged to borrow books and movies from my lending library. If questions or concerns arise between scheduled appointments, I am always only a phone call away, and can answer you questions on the spot or arrange a visit.

Soon to be Mama

At each prenatal, I perform a thorough exam to make sure you and your baby are healthy and no problems are arising that may need special attention. If it seems appropriate or is desired, I can provide the same diagnostic testing you may get in a physician's office, but in reality most of my clients need very few lab tests beyond the basics.

I can provide you with referrals to other health care specialists if necessary, and in the event that a homebirth becomes inappropriate for any reason, I can continue to offer advocacy and support for your delivery in a hospital.

Our Fees